Sunday, November 16, 2014

Community Health

When the understory is healthily uncluttered, and the canopy full
I find the resolution of the forest written in the space in between
That is easily flown through
That is easily seen through
It is generous, and bears no weight

There’s a truth experienced in an old growth forest
The complexity of the universe comes to a head
It is shaped like the leaves
It feels like the soil
And it sways like the branches

When you look deeply into the form of the forest
You notice that despite its presence it is mostly nothing
Paper thin layers of green
Wood porous with micro cavities
And the ground, that is again filled with air

But as well as it is nothing, it is also everything
The minerals of the earth
Water from the clouds, light from the sun
Gas of the atmosphere
And a mirror reflection of the health its' stewards

In the context of community,
Most forests are disturbed as we are
Most forests are fragmented as we are
And most forests are suffering as we are

There is no difference. 


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